Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Eric Semborski

1 NHL Game

December 3, 2016 Chicago Blackhawks vs Philadelphia Flyers. 1-3 loss.

      The Chicago Blackhawks were left a goalie short when Corey Crawford had to undergo an emergency appendectomy. With an afternoon game and in Philly, they were unable to recall one of the netminders in their system on time. The hometown Flyers had provided a list of local emergency backups and Eric Semborski was the first guy the Blackhawks were able to secure. Semborski was coaching local hockey when he got the call and rushed to the Hawks as quickly as he could. "It was fast and I couldn't even catch my breath because I was just trying to take it all in," said Semborski, who took shots from the Chicago players during warmups. "Playing against the best guys in the world, I knew I wasn't going to stop most of them. I was lucky if it hit me." (1)

  • Wore #50 with Chicago Blackhawks
Career stats from Eliteprospects.com 
2010-11  Jersey Wildcats (CHA Jr. B)  CHA Jr. B29 4.98 .884 |         
2011-12  Temple Univ.                      ACHA II2     3.83 .875 |         
2012-13  Temple Univ.                      ACHA II11   3.01 .889 |        
2013-14  Temple Univ.                      ACHA II5     3.16 .869 |      
2014-15  Temple Univ.                      ACHA II22   3.78 .893 |         
2016-17  Chicago Blackhawks           NHL             0 - - |   
(1) Adam Kimelman, NHL.com. Dec. 3, 2016. https://www.nhl.com/news/eric-semborski-blackhawks-emergency-backup-goalie/c-284354006

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