This website is dedicated to the goaltenders who made it to the NHL but have been eluded by hockey statisticians and historians. Many of these goalies are one game emergency call ups but many were also members of their respective teams for weeks or even months. None, however, experienced any official playing time. They dressed with the team and sat on the bench ready to called upon at any second. Had they been given the nod for even a minute of play at any point during any game, they would have become an NHL veteran, forever in the player registry. I feel as though these goaltenders were NHL players to some capacity, were part of the team for at least one NHL game and thus deserve some kind of recognition.


2022 Updates

NHL 'Backups Only'


Jett Alexander, Jason San Antonio and Reid Robertson 

Ken Appleby - New York Islanders 
Antoine Bibeau - Seattle Kraken 
Chris Gibson - Florida Panthers 
Troy Grosenick - Boston Bruins


Starting for the 2017/18 season, an NHL rule change now requires that teams have an emergency goalie on hand an every home game. The EBUGs are former goalies who watch the game in the stands, have their gear on hand, and are called in to dress in case a goalie gets injured. The rule change states that you're only allowed to take warmup shots should you have to enter the game if you're NOT on the bench, thus these goalies have occasionally dressed but have largely remain hidden in back rooms.

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  1. Hello! It turns out that Mike Ralph dressed for six games for the New York Rangers in early 1976 after being called up January 4 /76 but never seeing on-ice game action. Wearing #30.