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Colin McCormick

12 NHL Games

November 3, 1968 Boston Bruins vs Chicago Blackhawks. 5-3 win.
November 6, 1968 Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers. 7-1 win.
November 10, 1968 Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues. 1-1 tie.
November 13, 1968 Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs. 1-1 tie.
November 14, 1968 Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers. 2-4 loss.
November 17, 1968 Boston Bruins vs Oakland Seals. 6-3 win.
November 21, 1968 Boston Bruins vs Los Angeles Kings. 4-1 win.
November 23, 1968 Boston Bruins vs New York Rangers. 5-1 win.
November 24, 1968 Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs. 7-4 win.
November 27, 1968 Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues. 4-4 tie.
November 30, 1968 Boston Bruins vs New York Rangers. 1-4 loss.
December 1, 1968 Boston Bruins vs Minnesota North Stars. 4-0 win.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Poulin 

   Colin McCormick played in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League with the 1958/59 Prince Albert Mintos. From there, he spent time playing senior hockey with the Kelowna Packers and later in Powell River, British Columbia. McCormick was married with two kids, working as a welder, when a chance encounter with Eddie Shack at a summer hockey game in Kelowna paved the way for an incredible run to the NHL. So impressed with McComick's play, Shack phoned Bruins GM Milt Schmidt and the nearly 29 year old goalie found himself with an NHL contract. McCormick hadn't given much thought to playing professional hockey, in fact McCormick even had another interest outside of his day job. He had been the recipient of a Norman Rockwell scholarship for commercial art and had already designed Powell River's official coat of arms. However, the hockey contract and signing bonus was much than he was making as a welder so he happily agree to the offer. He had a strong camp for the Bruins and quickly rose all they way to #3 goalie in their system.
   Late October, 1968 McCormick was recalled from the Hershey Bears when Bruins goalie Ed Johnston was struck on the head by a shot. Johnston missed over a month with a concussion and McCormick took his place on Boston's roster for most of that time. "It's still a dream," said McCormick in a November, 1968 interview with the Vancouver Sun. "I still find it tough to believe I'm here. I'm working hard. The fellows on the team are really helping me, especially Eddie Shack. If I do get in the nets of of these nights...well, I'll do the best I can." Gerry Cheevers played solid hockey and McCormick was never given an opportunity to showcase his ability at the NHL level.
"The biggest change of all has been in my attitude to the game," said McCormick. "Sure, we liked to win at Powell River, but we never took it too seriously. Up here it's very serious." (1)
   Colin McCormick only played one year of pro hockey. The mysterious goalie retired from pro hockey after his only season with the Boston Bruins.

Career stats from
Born Nov 5 1939 -- Powell River, BC
Height 5.10 -- Weight 165
RS ScoringRS Goalie StatsPO Scoring
1968-69Hershey BearsAHL130064041003.83---
1968-69Oklahoma City BlazersCHL100291002.07---

(1) Jim Kearney. Vancouver Sun. November 21, 1968. Pg. 30. 

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  1. A couple of photos of the Powell River Regals with Colin McCormick.