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Larry Dyck

5 NHL Games

March 3, 1992 Minnesota North Stars vs Washington Capitals. 3-1 win.
March 5, 1992 Minnesota North Stars vs Detroit Red Wings. 4-2 win.
March 8, 1992 Minnesota North Stars vs Winnipeg Jets. 4-2 win.
February 3, 1996 San Jose Sharks vs Chicago Blackhawks. 1-4 loss.
February 5, 1996 San Jose Sharks vs Toronto Maple Leafs. 6-4 win.

   An NHL goalie with just one good eye? Sounds impossible but Larry Dyck persevered against all odds to carve out a decade long pro hockey career. As a child he was pronounced legally blind in his left eye. He could only see shadows and bright lights from the eye. Dyck, however, still excelled in hockey and baseball as a youth, never making any excuses for himself and saying it didn't effect his perception. "I didn't even know until I was older, going to school, and had a routine eye check." Dyck said. "I was always playing sports and I just never changed. I don't really think about it. For me, it's all I've ever known, so it seems normal. It's not as if I lost it during my career." At his first NHL training camp the North Stars gave him a powerful corrective lens as NHL rules required Dyck have two good eyes. His condition lead to his lasting hockey nickname, Deadeye Dyck. (1) (2) 

   Dyck was a first team All-Star in his last season as a junior player in the WHL. The undrafted goalie then spent two season playing for the University of Manitoba, being named to the league's All-Star team both years. In November, 1988 he signed his first NHL contract with the Minnesota North Stars. 

  Early March, 1992 the Minnesota North Stars demoted goalie Jon Casey to the IHL. Larry Dyck was recalled to take his place on the North Stars' roster. Dyck dressed as Darcy Wakaluk's backup for three games before Casey was recalled. 

   In September, 1995 the San Jose Sharks signed free agent Larry Dyck to provide some goaltending depth. February, 1996 San Jose lost goalie Wade Flaherty to a groin injury. Larry Dyck was recalled to backup Chris Terreri during the 2 games it took for Flaherty to recover. Sharks coach Jim Wiley was asked about Dyck's medical condition. "There has never been a fear in the organization's part to put him in net," Wiley said. "There's many a goalie with two good eyes who have come in and not played well. It is a human interest story not only because he's a good goaltender but obviously what he's had to go through. I've never seen one instance where you could attribute a bad performance or a bad goal to his handicap." (2)

Career stats from hockeydb.com
Born  -- Winkler, MAN 
Height 5.11 -- Weight 180
RS ScoringRS Goalie StatsPO Scoring
1983-84Regina PatsWHL26017143695003.9719707160.883---
1984-85Seattle BreakersWHL471252332218005.611720313460.861---
1985-86Seattle ThunderbirdsWHL56343096264425.12---
1987-88U. of ManitobaCWUAA251181567113104.33131208010.876
1988-89Kalamazoo WingsIHL424182308168404.371720211880.876---
1989-90Kalamazoo WingsIHL36241959116203.552012210760.903702
1989-90Knoxville CherokeesECHL30018412003.911111080.900---
1990-91Kalamazoo WingsIHL38102182133003.6621150102
1991-92Kalamazoo WingsIHL572123305195003.54252361212
1992-93Milwaukee AdmiralsIHL402142328131403.38239510560.890310
1993-94Milwaukee AdmiralsIHL41322145121203.381513710160.894302
1994-95Kansas City BladesIHL2110125752012.4813626010.9201900
1995-96Mobile MysticksECHL30018014004.671111030.880---
1995-96Kansas City BladesIHL391122174139323.84181729290.870400
1996-97Kansas City BladesIHL582143146159223.0326141113530.895300
1997-98Central Texas StampedeWPHL350161857105113.39211219350.8994010
1997-98Houston AerosIHL50027916003.432111140.877---
1997-98Michigan K-WingsIHL20011910005.04020560.848300

(1) Associated Press. "Handicapped? Blades' Goalie Follows Puck with One Eye." The Seattle Times. Dec. 4, 1994. 
(2) Ross McKeon. "Sharks reserve goaltender has an eye for the game." San Fransisco Chronicle. Feb. 6, 1996.

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