Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jim Weaver

7 NHL Games

October 12, 1978 Buffalo Sabres vs New York Islanders. 2-2 tie.
October 14, 1978 Buffalo Sabres vs Minnesota North Stars. 5-2 win.
October 15, 1978 Buffalo Sabres vs Detroit Red Wings. 2-3 loss.
October 18, 1978 Buffalo Sabres vs Toronto Maple Leafs. 2-0 loss.
October, 19, 1978 Buffalo Sabres vs Toronto Maple Leafs. 1-0 win. 
November 26, 1978 Buffalo Sabres vs Colorado Rockies. 4-1 win.
November 30, 1978 Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins. 3-4 loss.

     In a newspaper article from the October, 1978 Milwaukee Sentinel Jim Weaver, after being sent back to the AHL, explains how he got his first taste of the NHL. "Buffalo's No. 2 goalie, Bob Sauve, was out with a broken finger on his stick glove hand, and I was backup to Don Edwards. Now Edwards had a super season last year. But all 3 of us are only 23, and Punch Imlach (Sabres general manager) told me if anything happens to either one of them, I'll be right back up if I'm doing well here. I'm on the second year of a contract with them. I should get plenty of work here (Milwaukee), which is better than sitting. You can't improve while sitting. If the chance comes, I'll be ready to play. I'm hoping to have a real good year. Then either Buffalo will negotiate another contract with me or I'll be a free agent and possibly get a chance with some other team."

   Weaver was recalled once more to serve as Buffalo's backup, it was his last appearance in the NHL. He wasn't offered another contract by the Sabres or from another NHL team and retired in 1981. 

  • Wore #31 with Buffalo Sabres

Career stats from hockeydb.com
Born  -- Belmont, ONT 
Height 6.01 -- Weight 168
Selected by California Seals round 9 #146 overall 1975 NHL Amateur Draft
RS ScoringRS Goalie StatsPO Scoring
1972-73London KnightsOHA300
1974-75London KnightsOHA122446014.70
1974-75Kingston CanadiansOHA283121448116214.81916310220.898
1975-76Toledo GoaldiggersIHL200---
1975-76Salt Lake Golden EaglesCHL902---
1975-76Syracuse BlazersNAHL2112603003.01100500
1976-77Kalamazoo WingsIHL200898060003.67200
1977-78Springfield IndiansAHL100606006.00010300.833---
1977-78Hershey BearsAHL180094661313.876814880.889---
1977-78Milwaukee AdmiralsIHL100038730004.654402480.892300
1978-79Milwaukee AdmiralsIHL481592559183614.291323814120.885300
1979-80Baltimore ClippersEHL451522442119062.929014
1980-81Oklahoma City StarsCHL40062236159204.27201819750.860200

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  1. Remember him well. Jimmy was the 2nd guy to come out of Belmont behind def Bruce Abbey (Rd 7 #91 overall 1971 NHL Amateur Draft) Belmont had a population of around 500 back then (now 2,500). Other players drafted out of Belmont include jason Clark (round 6 #141 overall 1992 NHL Entry Draft), and Brian Willsie (rd 6 #146 overall 1996 NHL Entry Draft). Jimmy died on 25 Apr 2017